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  • Cubs to play at 4A level

    The Brownfield Cubs academic and athletic teams will compete at the 4A level beginning next fall, according to figures released Friday morning.

    The University Interscholastic League released conference cutoff numbers for the 2016-18 reclassification and realignment on Friday and several West Texas schools are making the jump.

    The numbers provide the range of enrollment for each of the six conferences, including the divisional cutoffs for football.

    The Cubs varsity football team will take the field next year at the 4A Division II level.
  • BISD to Purchase New Cub Bus
    The Brownfield ISD School Board met early Friday morning for the purpose of coming to a decision regarding the replacement of the “Cub Bus” that burned.
  • Area Voters Follow State Trend
    A little over 600 voters went to the polls for Tuesday’s Constitutional Amendment Election.  All propositions passed locally as they did statewide.
  • Brownfield sends $4,000 to Slaton athlete

    The Slaton football player who collapsed two weeks ago during a Friday night game against the Brownfield Cubs is recovering in a Houston hotel after a successful open heart surgery to correct an abnormality that caused his near death experience.

    Xavier Ramirez is expected to make a full recovery and already is taking only minimal pain medications following his extensive medical procedures at Houston Children’s Hospital, according to Julee Becker, Superintendent of Slaton schools.

  • More than a pipe dream...
    Terry County residents might have noticed large shipments of long, green pipe moving through the area in recent weeks, both by rail and on specialized trucks after being off loaded at a site in Meadow.
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